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Joanna Sek

2d illustrator and animator

#Market forecast

PwC’s forecasts show that the three main segments driving the media and entertainment market in the world are online video, internet advertising and video games. The video segment on the Internet is expected to grow in the coming years at a rate of 12.2 percent. – Be ahead of your competition!

#Customer engagement

64%: the probability of buying a product increases after watching a movie, 90% of respondents say that videos are useful in the decision making process, advertisers using videos increase revenues by 49% faster. – Involve potential customers!

#Product placement

The growing interest in “how-to” video has a strong impact on the role of marketers and advertising in the promotion of brands. From the current perspective, more effective in buying customers’ favors may be product placement practices in the YouTube movie than traditional advertising. – Achieve your goals

#Brand awarness

“According to TubularInsight, as many as 54% of senior employees make valuable video content available through social media, thanks to which the reach of the brand is also growing, which is why up to 48% of marketers plan to enable communication through the YouTube channel in their marketing strategy!”

#Sales boost

“According to the statistics, four times as many buyers choose a video as a quick and effective way of obtaining information about a given service before making a purchase decision, and adding such materials to a commercial offer can increase the sales of the product even twice!”

Web design

By our article you will learn how websites are created and how they support almost every business today. Read more about web design and our solutions.

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