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#Market forecast

PwC's forecasts show that the three main segments driving the media and entertainment market in the world are online video, internet advertising and video games. The...

#Customer engagement

64%: the probability of buying a product increases after watching a movie, 90% of respondents say that videos are useful in the decision making process, advertisers...

#Product placement

The growing interest in "how-to" video has a strong impact on the role of marketers and advertising in the promotion of brands. From the current perspective,...

#Brand awarness

"According to TubularInsight, as many as 54% of senior employees make valuable video content available through social media, thanks to which the reach of the brand...

Design Thinking

How we create innovative and tailormade solution?

I step


Innovation begins with empathy. The first stage of Design Thinking is a deep understanding of the user’s needs and problems. The key is to recognize hidden and intuitive motivations that affect human choices and behaviors.

II step

Define problem

At this stage, the information gathered during the Empatia Phase is synthesized to define what is the right problem. This stage requires breaking the frame of thought and habits that limit the field of view.

III step

Generate solutions

The team focuses on generating as many possible solutions for a defined problem. This requires not only strong substantive support, but above all courage in creating new, unconventional solutions.

IV step

Build prototype

A physical prototype arises, but the goal is not to create complex models with features similar to the final product. The most important is the ability to visually present the idea to users and quickly gather opinions on the solution.

V step

Test it

The chosen solution is tested in the user’s environment. It is important, first of all, to determine the parameters necessary to meet, so that the result of the test can be unambiguously determined.


Advisory, Production and Digital Marketing care for business, entertainment and NGO's

MarTech Advisory. We produce materials for, education, courses,e-learning, and books or games.

Illustrations. We produce materials for, education, courses,e-learning, and books or games.

Video Animations. In our animation studio, we develop engaging animated materials in many techniques

Web design. We implement modern landing pages, blogs, business cards, portals and online stores.

Digital Marketing. Focused on ROI and other measurable metrics. We will take care of whole process.

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