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 You use the internet every day, also now reading this short introduction. You can do it thanks to WEB DESIGN, which is the process by which there is any website you have visited at least once in your life or you check regularly. In our article you will learn how websites are created and how they support not one business.

History of the internet

 The Internet is one of those inventions that has completely revolutionized the everyday life of mankind. Currently, our entire civilization is based on the operation of this worldwide connection.

 The first project of the global computer network was created in 1960 by J. Licklider, and two years later, Paul Baran published the concept of a digital data transmission network commissioned by the American army. The breakthrough, however, occurred on October 29, 1969 at the University of California in Los Angeles, the first nodes of the ARPANET network, which exists to this day and is recognized as the direct ancestor of today’s Internet. ARPANET was based on a vast architecture that did not have its own headquarters, and connected several different academic headquarters with each other. The main assumption of constructing such a network was the possibility of its operation at the moment when one of its parts would be damaged. Earlier computer networks were based on a specific central unit, and its failure interrupted the work of the entire network.

In 1983, the ARPANET network was divided into a civilian and military part called MILNET and they were connected by a gateway enabling data exchange between them. The moment of dividing ARPANET is considered the beginning of the internet, the development of which has ceased to be controlled by the US Department of Defense. In 1990, the first website was created and the foundations of HTML were developed by Tim Berners-Lee, and in 1992 the first graphic browser called MOSAIC was written.

 Almost 60 years after the creation of the Licklider project, the Internet has grown into a multi-billion dollar community. Nowadays, the Internet is the center of the civilized world, it is here that we buy, sell, make friends, make business contacts; We work here and earn a living here.
The Koala’s brand thanks to the internet that allows free flow of information can deliver its digital productions to clients all over the world.


Web design and what it is?

 The website you are currently viewing is the result of someone’s creation and its implementation – this is Web Design. Well, maybe it’s not that easy; designing the website does not end with establishing its layout, let’s briefly discuss all elements of website design, i.e. Web Design.
 Page layout – the layout is responsible for whether it is readable, whether someone visiting it for the first time will be able to intuitively find on it what he is looking for.
 Color – It should be pleasant to the eye and consistent with the overall visual identification of the brand. Colors are an important element influencing brand perception and perception. You should also think about visually impaired people and enter a version with increased contrast.
Graphics – This is all of the picture elements present on the site, e.g. logos. The graphics should also be consistent with the visual identification of the brand and the color of the page. In addition to creating graphics you also need to know where to put it on place it so that it is not a disturbing element on the site.

 Fonts – They can either visually enhance the page, or make it completely unreadable, which we certainly do not want. The font should also be readable on every device and browser, for this we have “web-safe fonts”, where we have a whole set of fonts read well by most devices. When choosing a font, you need to take into account that it should be compatible with the brand name book – corporate identity.
 Content – Even if the visual aspects of the page are extremely effective, if its content, that is, texts are anyhow, no one will stay in it for a long time. It is important for the user to get the answer to his question in order to get interested in its content – because it means that he will come back to it. The best solution is to invest in a copywriter who will construct text adapted to Google algorithms, thanks to which it will be highly positioned.


WWW and business

 A well-known saying says that if you can not find something on Google, it simply does not exist. What does this teach us? It is very important that our company be ‘searchable’. Internet is the place where we look first to search for a specific product, service provider or just a contractor. So the first marketing activity that we should take is to create a website for our business – a professionally made website will make the website look more trustworthy and strengthen the image of your company. It is also a great way to acquire new customers, because contact with the company is easier, so buying something on the site, the consumer will feel safe that in case of trouble, ask the company with a question. What, however, affects the fact that the website effectively supports our business?
 Quality. A visually attractive and intuitive web site is a factor that determines whether or not its user decides to buy through it and become our customer.

 The most important thing is to commission a website to a company that will take care of its task with the utmost care and attention.
 Target orientation. A user entering a specific website knows what he is looking for, visited it in order to find an answer to his question, a product he intends to buy or learn more about the service he needs. The agency creating the website will effectively distinguish the website, what the company has to offer and what stands out among the competition.
 Recognition. Depending on what the role of the website is, you will need to take care of the relevant content on it. The copywriter will deal with creating good quality texts that will reliably reflect the specification of a product or service. The visual aspect of the site will deal with graphics that will create illustrations and graphics for our company especially for us, and if we would like to present our product on the website, the best solution will be to use the services of a good photographer.


 Topicality. Our work on the website should not end with creating it, posting relevant content and advertising on the internet. The site must be modified along with the development of new technologies and internet trends. It is very important to improve the site for its users and their needs. All this is best dealt with by web design specialists who will keep their finger on the pulse and care for the proper operation and presence of our website. Do not forget that the website of our company is her business card on the internet.

 The huge impact on whether the investment in the website will be returned, have small details that may seem meaningless, and are really very important for users of the site. One of the biggest mistakes when designing a website is the lack of direct contact to the company, instead we often find only a contact form on the site. It is a good tool in itself, it is important to be integrated with CRM or System Marketing Automation. However, you have to take it under the fact is that most people like to ask something directly on the phone, or be sure that by sending an email they will receive an answer and the contact form will give the impression of distancing the company from the outside. 

The icons with social networking sites visible on the website are also important.
‘Call to action’ is a very important marketing tool. When advertising a website on the Internet, we will attract many new users to it, and the Call To Action button, depending on the purpose of the advertisement, will help us to achieve it. The user with a visible icon like ‘Call us’ or ‘Order now’ is more likely to submit a suggestion directly to him.
The website MUST work correctly on any device, especially on mobile devices, which account for 12% of the global Internet traffic and this percentage is growing every day. The next thing is that Google is positioning above all the websites that work quickly on mobile devices. Here the solution is resignation from Flash, which ceases to be supported by getting a larger number of producers, a website whose visual effects are based on this plugin, will not work as it should.
 As you can see, effective Web Design consists of many factors, as Koala’s we provide professional service and attention to the websites of our clients. We put a lot of work into the development of our team, and each project is supervised by a business manager to provide our clients with the highest quality services.


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The most popular technologies

Web Design is based primarily on the combination of design and new technologies. The basic programming languages ​​are CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Probably everyone has heard these names at least once, but not everyone knows that they are just the tip of the iceberg of technological tools.

 HTML It’s actually Hypertext Markup Language, a language based on specific codes. When designing a website, the programmer usually works on the basis of HTML, thanks to which he can create a website structure and its content.

 CCS. Cascading Style Sheets from Cascading Style Sheets is a language used to describe how a web page should be displayed.
It is a computer program that provides its contents, e.g. text files, images, spreadsheets.

 Programming languages. Above we mentioned HTML and CSS, which are just programming languages. These languages ​​work on the same principle as human – each code is responsible for another command, a function.

 Data formats. Whether a file is a graphic or sound computer distinguishes its format, ie the end after the file name, e.g. png. The file formats are many, but the text is basic.

 API. How do computers communicate with each other? Well thanks to Application Programming Interface, or rules with their descriptions, thanks to which computer programs communicate.

 Reports It is just the layers on which the process of computer data transfer has been divided. They define the functions that the network meets.

 The web browser you are now using to read this article on our website is simply a computer program. Her task is to download and display websites and play multimedia files.

 Framework Sounds complicated, and it’s a programming platform. It makes the work of the programmer much easier because it is already a skeleton of the website, so you only have to ‘personalize’ it and take care of the details.


How is the project created?

 Planning, designing and creating websites in a very short way can be said is Web Design and in fact it looked like not so long ago; all you needed was a basic knowledge of HTML, a notebook and that’s how the entire website was created. Currently, Web Design consists of many more activities, and specialists work on websites. Web Designer must be able to create graphics and know the basics of design, which include composition and typography, and in addition you must have at least basic marketing knowledge that will help in designing the site. And that’s just the basics! In fact, Web Design is a very complex and flexible field that is constantly evolving.
At Koala’s Web Design, there is passion for us, our work is a form of fun and we approach with excitement every new job!
We start our work from a close interview with the client about what he expects from his side; what is it for? What is its target group? The course of work on the website depends on a thoroughly conducted interview.

Then we go to planning, create a map of the site and its skeleton, which we will present to the client so that he can assess its future appearance.
The first result of our work that the client will see will be the initial graphic version of the project. We will present the layout of the page graphically, suggesting the placement of graphics, photos or films. Before we go to coding, all content is created on the page, i.e. texts, headings, descriptions, etc.

At this point, programming begins! Creating a real website uses all previously prepared materials for the website; content, graphics, films.
Once the page is ready, you need to test every link, link, link, form, script. All this to capture errors that may have occurred during programming. After accepting the final version of the project, we install it on the server indicated by the client. We finalize works on the project, when we integrate it with other client systems, eg the application.


The Koala’s team works with Design Thinking and Agile to provide their clients with the best solutions.
Design Thinking is a method of working on the creation of an innovative product or modernization of an existing one. Such work is carried out by a team of all specialists involved in the project and client. Their task is to implement the successive stages of the Design Thinking method using specific techniques and tools. In this way, the team is able to generate a solution to a specific problem or product. As a result of the team’s work, a prototype is ready to be tested.
Agile A declaration of common principles for the so-called ‘Agile methods’ supporting the software development process. At Koala’s, we use Agile to bring the product to perfection in subsequent interactions, or revisions – to meet all the criteria of the client’s success.


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Trends of the future


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