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Most entrepreneurs know that in order to sell their product or service, they must be properly advertised. The current market is full of many ‘beneficial’ offers, so you need to be able to present our product from the best side so that you get it just sold. It is true that no product sold itself, but tightening cooperation between marketing and sales departments can only have a positive impact company’s financial result.

Villa Saska – Apartments on Angorska 13A, is an unusual living space of PREMIUM standard in a five-story unique building. He is designed in a modernist style and houses nine apartments. On on each floor there are only two apartments, the last one was intended for Penthouse, thanks to which residents are guaranteed a sense of intimacy and privacy. Investors wanted above all a solution that they would maintain atmosphere of micro-community in Saska Kępa, finally the goal was just achieved by intelligent planning of the building surface. The apartments themselves have been thought through in every way. They made sure that they give sense of open space and allowed any interior arrangement. Every apartment has a separate balcony, while terraces with breathtaking floors on the 3rd and 4th floors view. The functionality of the apartments guarantees underfloor heating and the fact that ‘Each apartment has been prepared for the installation of a discreet air conditioning system channel ‘. In addition, residents have a spacious underground garage for use. The choice of location turned out to be a hit. Saska Kępa, despite being located practically in the very center of Warsaw, it is like a small town. We will not find here typical of the city, noise or expressway. We have it next door Vistula boulevards, lots of small cafes and bistros, and above all peace, quiet and security. It’s all just a few minutes walk from the New World. And magic pre-war historic villas located in the vicinity of Villa Saska give everything to everything.

How to effectively promote a property for sale? Real estate marketing aims to accelerate sales through positioning our offer in the search engine higher among others. How to do it? First of all, we will need a marketing strategy.

SWOT analysis will clearly show what to focus on in context product, but remember that the customer is the most important. When selling a property, we need to ensure how we talk about it. The information provided to the potential customer should be 100% compatible with truth. SWOT analysis, i.e. strengths and disadvantages of real estate as well as opportunities and threats that buying it with it carries. If the defects and risks of real estate are not significant and do not affect for the comfort of life of its inhabitants, we do not necessarily have to mention them – something that can be a disadvantage for us, an advantage for someone. However, we can’t either we do not want to hide significant faults from future residents, we do not want to our company was said to be dishonest.
Content that will interest the end customer. Customers are attracted to what is attractive for the eye. Therefore, we should ensure appropriate visual presentation property. For this purpose, we can either hire a professional or ourselves we will take photos or visualize the interior. They should be of good quality because it is potential customers who first pay attention to the pictures, however catchy text and carefully selected words will help sell the product even for quite an inflated amount. Just make the content of the text convince a potential customer how much he needs ours property. If we know the product very well ourselves, we can be tempted to making a description on your own, although it’s good to use persuasion techniques known by specialists – this aspect can also be dealt with by a specialist in the field copywriting.

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Internet advertising is the most effective form of advertising, but also the most demanding. first the real estate website is the step. If we are not a web designer, then we have to decide on the services of a specialist. When our site is ready, you need to deal with its positioning in the search engine, i.e. making was displayed as high as possible in the search results list. In this matter it is necessary find a good webdesign specialist, because that is mainly just the right construction of a website decides how high it will be it will be displayed.
The landing page we get to after clicking on the ad. That’s how it could be in a nutshell to summarize the definition of Landing Page. However, this is a very stripped down version. Page the target is usually part of the full website, but often it happens that it is simply a stand-alone page, without any bookmarks. We will find an offer for it product and contact form. Landing Page can be compared to a fold-out brochure advertising. We get a folded leaflet, where it is presented on the first page briefly, the offer we find inside. However, when we unfold the brochure we have fully developed offer of a given product or service. It’s the same when you click the banner advertising that will take us to the Landing Page.
Features of a good landing page ● Header Since someone has already clicked on our banner, they are potentially interested theme. Now you just have to make him familiarize with our offer before closing card window. How to do it? Constructing a headline that will talk about what the problem will help to solve the product or service that we advertise. ● Call To Action The customer has already familiarized themselves with our offer, so now you must encourage him to contact you. This is where we will use the Call To Action button. This can be a suggestion calling the company, sending a message on Facebook or just to leaving their contact details so that the company can contact user. ● Design The Landing Page layout should be as simple as possible so that it does not turn over comments on the offer. It is worth making the design attractive and pleasing to the eye he referred to the industry we represent. ● Content However, the most important thing is what we want to convey to the user of the site. The texts on the site should be easy to understand and persuasive. Very important is that after reading the offer, the user acknowledges that this product is actually his necessary! In that case, we must create content with the help of the interested party the need to buy the product by listing problems that this purchase will solve and in how will it improve the buyer’s life. ● Speed Research shows that if a website loads for more than 10 seconds, then the user is more likely to close it before it ever closes it will open rather than wait for its gracious loading. That is why it is not here jokes and if you decide to invest in a Landing Page, it’s worth it make sure it opens in the shortest possible time.
Why Landing Page In short, Landing Page allows us to acquire leads, i.e. business contacts. On the landing page, the user focuses his attention only on one specific offer. No other will distract his attention, and that makes his data contact leaves us more people. Acquiring leads helps in establishing contact with potential clients, who, by leaving their contact details, have expressed an interest in your product. Is this is by far the most effective and least time consuming method of acquisition new customers. In addition, the very fact that someone left us his contact details allows us to provide him with various marketing content because of this he consented to be contacted by us. It is thanks to this, even if this person will not use our current offer, we may be interested in any of ours future. By the way, our messages are not treated as ordinary advertising spam, if someone left us his contact details via Landing Page, that’s a lot more willingly and with much greater interest will open our messages. It will be him wondered what offer we have prepared this time. It is also worth mentioning that a well-made Landing Page that it contains valuable content will put our company in a good light. We will strengthen our position professionals and industry leaders, and definitely more people will leave their data contact company that inspires confidence in them.